Green Peel Myths

by Aesthetica Skin Centre (Pty) Ltd

Green Peel Myths



The worldwide success of the original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling is based on results naturally for more than 60 years. But there are also some myths around this natural peeling system. We can clear those up for you…….

The 3 levels of GREEN PEEL®

A GREEN PEEL® treatment can’t be performed during summer months.

This is not true, GREEN PEEL® is performed in over 50 countries worldwide and in many of these the sun shines all year round. GREEN PEEL can be performed in any season. However intense or prolonged sun exposure should initially be avoided as the rejuvenated, fresh skin is particularly sensitive to sunlight. Wear Optimum Protection SPF 30 or Solar Protect Fluid SPF 50, both available from the Dr Schrammek homecare range.

GREEN PEEL® is painful.

The GREEN PEEL® #tingles …the important aspect to remember is that GREEN PEEL® is not a wellness / beauty treatment, it is a results driven highly active treatment. Following the treatment the skin will immediately be red, tingly and plumped; this is because the herbs get to work straight away and continue to do so for a few days after depending on the strength of the method performed.

The redness will subside after a few hours but those tingles are meant to last. Every time you touch your skin with your fingers it will leave a path of tingles – this is the herbs doing their work and this is the magic of GREEN PEEL®

GREEN PEEL® causes my skin to be thinner and more sensitive.

Following the treatment the skin is plumped and fresh; taking special care of your skin is of the upmost importance. With every peel the skin becomes firmer and more resistant, the metabolism gets stimulated and the micro-circulation and interlocking of the skin layers is improved (the skin becomes more compact – tighter, stronger)

GREEN PEEL® is “aggressive“

No, the GREEN PEEL® is purely natural and includes neither chemical substances nor abrasive particles. Even if the herbs get into the eye; no harm will be caused. The aestheticians do not need to wear gloves during the treatment which implies working with natural ingredients. GREEN PEEL® does not change the pH of the skin and therefore cannot cause PIH. This treatment is purely technique driven and to ensure safety at all times technician selection is critical.

I am allowed to pick the peeling skin?

No! The peeling skin serves to protect the new skin underneath. As soon as the new skin is ready; the “old” skin sheds by itself. Removing the skin before its ready will cause reaction.

Remember to pat the skin dry following cleansing – do not rub

GREEN PEEL® is only suited for acne prone and congested skins.

GREEN PEEL® has a incredible effect on impure skin but it has many more skills…GREEN PEEL® has a unique herb blend and each herb has a unique and highly active function to also treat ageing, loss of elasticity and pigmentation – it is a multi-talent, because it offers energy to tired, pale skin and generally also treats sun damage.

My skin just peels slightly; the GREEN PEEL® does not work

This could not be further from the truth. Every skin is individual which means one can peel more than another; which has nothing to do with the actual impact within the skin and the regeneration will still take place. This is why you will always feel a sensation when you touch the skin post treatment

GREEN PEEL® does not need to peel in order to work like a chemical peel… remember it is a mechanical technique which means the dry top layer of skin is already removed in the actual treatment itself

Post Peel skincare is critical to results and safety.

This is absolutely true. Because GREEN PEEL® is a natural treatment that does not change the PH of the skin it is essential that you follow the treatment with specific Dr Schrammek homecare products that maintain this equilibrium in the skin. These products are available in mini travel sizes in a useful kit or can be purchased in larger retail sizes if you intend to have a number of GREEN PEEL® treatments :

    Herbal Care Lotion – balancing herbal lotion that both soothes and regulates moisture

    Special Care Cream/Special Regulating Cream – balancing creams for normal, dry or oily skins

    Blemish Balm – Coverage and care for reddened and impure skins that also offers healing anti inflammatory

    benefits that calm and soothe the skin while acting as a physical sunscreen

The success of Green Peel is in your hands!

Aesthetica Skin Centre (Pty) Ltd
Aesthetica Skin Centre (Pty) Ltd


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