FILORGA®Medi-Cosmetique Lumitherapist

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FILORGA Medi-Cosmetique Lumitherapist®



Used in cosmetic medicine, LED generated light stimulates cellular metabolism and helps regenerate all skin layers, even the most deep-lying. Directly inspired by medical photo-rejuvenation, LUMITHERAPIST®combine : 

- A powerful and very safe latest generation LEDs combining 2 colors for a targeted face   program. 
- A LED-BOOSTER® skincare that works in synergy with LED light to stimulate all skin     layers. 
For deep-down correction of all signs of aging: wrinkles in the crow's feet area, dark spots, more radiance in the complexion.

Application:  Apply LED-BOOSTER® all over the face or locally on the areas to be treated, making sure the skin is clean and free of make-up.

- Starting
Press the black button to switch on the device. The treatment begins as soon as the device comes into contact with the skin. It stops automatically at the end of the 5-minute treatment period.
You can stop the programme at any time simply by pressing the black button. The treatment will remain on pause and can be restarted by pressing and holding down the black button.
To reboot the LED device, press and hold down the black button.

session - Duration: 5 minutes
Place LUMITHERAPIST® directly on the skin and begin the session by moving the device slowly over the skin. Pay particular attention to the problem areas. 
For your comfort, we recommend that you keep your eyes closed throughout the treatment.

Once the session is ended, the programme stops automatically and the device switches itself off.
You can turn off the device at any time by pressing and holding down the black button.
You will notice an improvement in the skin’s appearance after 3–4 weeks of treatment.


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