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QMS® Even Tone Day & Night Serum

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QMS® Even Tone Day & Night Serum

An advanced multi-functional complex is formulated to correct and protect skin from excess pigmentation. The serum evenly brightens and restores the skin, improving elasticity, and reducing fine lines. Even Tone Serum provides targeted action against unwanted dark spots and helps prevent the further development of pigmentation. The powerful complex blocks the synthesis of melanin in different phases; this results in the gentle lightening of existing dark spots as well as inhibiting future pigment accumulation.


    • Smooth over cleansed face, day and night, ideally after your Day Collagen or Night Collagen serum 
    • Follow with your preferred moisturizer
    • In addition to the face, it can be used on hands, arms and décolleté

    Active Ingredients: 

    • Garden Cress Extract
    • Hexylresorcinol
    • Oligopeptide-34
    • Soy Isoflavone

    Size: 30ml