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With a unifying, melt-in texture, HYDRALIANE BB CREME SPF 20 is designed for women who are always short on time: creating a second skin in just a single sweep. It hydrates for softer skin, contains nude pigments for a more even look, and soft focus agents with a touch of light-reflecting mica for added radiance. At the same time, it protects the skin itself with a UVB/UVA SPF20, UVA +++ system of protection. Tiredness is forgotten as this new and absolutely perfect skin is flooded with radiance!
(available in two shades, light and medium).

Because no spring can equal the water in your skin, SVR Laboratory has created PHYSIO-ADAPTED WATER. This ideal water, concentrated in trace elements, is the exclusive innovation at the heart of Hydraliane, the moisturizing range that offers an immediate, lasting and intense hydration.

The strength behind Hydraliane? Imitating the natural moisturizing factors of the skin to quench it for 24 hrs straight. Its formula, enriched with hydrophilic sugars, and its new generation texture, structured with liquid crystals, lastingly seal in water for optimal hydration.

Moisturising and perfecting skincare. Hydration and comfort. A radiant and unified complexion. Skin looks smooth. Silky, lightweight texture, non-greasy finish.

  • Physio-adapted water: Continuously infuses the cells with essential water
  • Physiological sugars: Lock water into the skin
  • Reflecting pigments: Instant skin-beautifying effect
  • SPF20 Anti UVA/UVB Anti-age prevention. 

Proven effectiveness on sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic.


Apply to the face and neck, morning and/or evening. Excellent make-up base.

Size: 40ml Tube.

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