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Aesthet Acne Gel

R 520.00

Treats acne bacteria as early as 5 days after initiation of treatment

Aesthet Acne Gel is an effective acne treatment which contains micronized benzoyl peroxide. Although mechanism of action of BPO is not completely understood, it is thought to work by generating free radicals. These free radicals kill Propionbacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, by interacting with their cell walls. Benzoyl Peroxide also has mild keratolytic effect that keeps the pores clean, preventing them from getting clogged. This helps avoid breakouts. Additionally BPO is effective by reducing comedones and skin’s inflammation.

Product Application:

Aesthet Acne Gel should be applied once or twice daily to cover affected areas after washing with mild cleanser and water.

Active Ingredients:

  • Specially milled and patented benzoyl peroxide particles that are smaller than 10 microns. These small particles allow the product to penetrate the pores more quickly and efficiently to eliminate the P. acnes bacteria with less skin irritation.
  • Natural amino acid LLysine aspartate.
  • Teflose® polysaccharide obtained by bacterial fermentation;
  • Blend of Terpinen-4-ol and Willow Extract, enriched with salicylic derivatives;
  • Polysaccharides in the formula help to sooth and moisturise the skin


Size: 30ml