FILORGA®Medi-Cosmetique C Recover

FILORGA®Medi-Cosmetique C Recover

The full power of pure and fresh vitamin C for radiant and visibly younger skin. The benefits of ultra-concentrated pure vitamin C (8%) are preserved intact until the time of use thanks to this air-tight and light-resistant packaging. 


  • WARNING : the product must be used within 7 days of opening. Keep refrigerated once opened. Avoid the eye area and open wounds.
  • Activate by pressing hard on the white piston to release a dose of pure vitamin C powder
  • Shake vigorously then pull the piston again
  • Screw in the dropper. Press the rubber bulb to fill the dropper, and then unscrew it
  • Apply the product evenly across the skin every morning, before applying your usual day cream 

Active Ingredients: 

  • Pure concentrated vitamin C (8%) -  Gives the skin radiance
  • Ultra-moisturizing polysaccharides
  • Multi-revitalizing NCTF - Reinforce its anti-ageing action

Size: 3x10ml

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