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Filorga® Skin-Unify Radiance

R 810.00

Filorga® Skin-Unify Radiance

This illuminating and even skin tone face care contains a cosmetic core formula inspired by laser treatment, peels and medical strobing: the new radiance-revealing aesthetic technique. Its advanced active ingredients even out the complexion and plump the skin to help it reflect more light. The iridescent pearly particles in the texture give the skin a subtle luminous glow for immediate radiance.

Illuminating action (inspired by medical strobing technique)
A plumping encapsulated high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to highlight the key areas of the face and help it reflect light better. A formula infused with light-reflecting iridescent pearl particles for instant radiance.

Complexion-perfecting action (inspired by laser treatment + peels)
Skin tone correcting active ingredients (vitamin c + glabridin + algae extract) combined with a resurfacing active ingredient of plant origin to reveal a perfect complexion.


Apply in the morning before make-up for a subtle touch of radiance or after make-ip for a more noticeable effect.

  • Apply to areas of the face that reflect the most light (cheekbones, Cupid's bow, brow bone, chin and bridge of the nose). Apply to the skin then blend with fingers.
  • Can also be used for touch-ups at any time of day.
    Size: 15ml