Lamelle Correctives Brighter Concentrate

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Correctives Brighter Concentrate from Lamelle Research Laboratories, which contains the unique compound Decabutin combined with 4 pigment inhibiting peptides, is an effective treatment for hyper-pigmentation.

The Benefits:  Brighter Concentrate inhibits 8 steps in the melanin production pathway and is significantly more potent than Hydroquinone, Kojic acid and Beta-arbutin.

Use: Brighter Concentrate is used twice daily directly after washing the area. Day and night products are applied on top of Brighter Concentrate. An effective sun protection product is ALWAYS recommended as part of any skin care programme. To effectively manage the dark areas, your skin care professional will need to perform a thorough history and skin assessment to determine the depth and cause of the pigmentation. If your condition is considered treatable, in-office programmes will be combined with Brighter Concentrate to provide maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Size: 30ml

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