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Dr Schrammek Body Science CelluContour Body Cream

R 995.00

CelluContour Body Cream

Massage cream-gel for a smoother skin surface.

The innovative, anti-cellulite ingredient blend stimulates the metabolism as well as the natural detoxification process of the skin. It supports the reduction of fat in the problem areas, for a smoother, firmer look.

The care performance of the powerful cream-gel is based on an innovative ingredient combination which helps to reduce external appearances of cellulite. Bumps in the problem zones are counteracted, the skin appears firmer and smoother. The cream-gel leaves no sticky skin feeling and the integrated massage applicator helps to increase the mechanic stimulation.

Directions for use: Apply to problem areas in the morning and evening. An additional massage stimulates circulation and metabolism. The products CelluContour Body Cream and Shape Perfection Body Oil can also be applied on top of each other. This way, the synergistic effects of the efficacy can be effectively utilised. The results of the treatment can be optimised with healthy nutrition and athletic activity.

Effective ingredients:

  • Bodyfit®: stimulating, anti-cellulite, lipolytic
  • B-Shape: girth-reducing, lipolytic
  • Guarana extract: promoting blood circulation, vitalizing
  • Ginkgo: regenerating, firming, anti-oxidative
  • Biotin: stimulating the metabolism
  • Pentavitin: moisturizing and moisture-binding


Size: 200ml

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