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Dr Shrammek Original GREEN PEEL®

A new skin in 5 days!

The original Green Peel® by Dr Schrammek is offered by Aesthetica Skin Centre. The Green Peel® is a herbal peeling treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin. The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin. The herbal peeling treatment is medically developed and extended for optimum results. Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixtures allows the Green Peel® herbal peeling treatment to be adapted to individual skin conditions and personal treatment goals. The original Green Peel® herbal peeling treatment is exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and doctors. The natural, original Green Peel® herbal peeling has been a worldwide success for more than 60 years. There are three dermatologically-developed treatment methods for successful problem-solving, namely the Classic, Energy and Fresh-Up systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The GREEN PEEL® Classic peeling system is a herbal peeling mixture that is intensively massaged into the skin. Blood circulation increases, the supply of oxygen and nutrition is improved, and skin renewal is stimulated. This effect is stopped after two to five days, depending on the skin texture with a more or less strong peeling process of the skin. During this time, the skin needs to be treated at home with special Dr Schrammek skincare products. To conclude the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment Classic, the aesthetician performs a beauty finishing treatment after five days and nourishes the now particularly receptive skin with valuable ingredients.
This treatment with natural herbs noticeably provides energy. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and thus leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture without any peeling effect. GREEN PEEL® Energy provides your skin with the natural energy it needs to renew the cells. It helps to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders. The treatment visibly improves the skin’s appearance and harmonizes its surface. It works ideally as repeated, intensive salon treatment several times a year.
With this method, there is also no peeling effect. Instead, the skin is stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs. Blood circulation is stimulated, pores open, and the skin is now able to optimally absorb the ingredients of the subsequent skincare. The complexion appears brighter and fresher. GREEN PEEL® Fresh-Up vitalizes the cells, and your skin glows with a new freshness. This is why this treatment is the ideal problem solver for tired skin without freshness and serves as an effective prevention helper against premature ageing and loss of elasticity - even if your skin hasn’t started showing the signs of age yet.
Large-pored seborrheic skin; impure skin; sebum cysts; scars; skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles with sagging facial contours; sun-damaged skin; anti-Aging prophylaxis; some forms of hyperpigmentations; stretch marks (striae); sagging skin on the body (abdominal wall, upper arms, thighs).
Yes. Our GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling treatment is performed in more than 50 countries, amongst others in South Africa where the sun is shining almost all year long. A GREEN PEEL® treatment can be done at any season. However, intensive sunbathing should initially be avoided after a GREEN PEEL® Classic treatment, as the rejuvenated, fresh skin is susceptible to sunlight.
There exist 3 methods of the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling: Fresh up, Energy and Classic. During all three methods, our GREEN PEEL® Herbs are massaged into the skin. Depending on massage pressure and consistency of the skin, this can involve sparkling and prickling, but no pain. At the utmost, the herbal massage can be slightly uncomfortable. The main difference between the stronger method, our GREEN PEEL® Classic and the 2 softer methods are pressure and duration of the massage. This can’t be considered a wellness treatment, but it is well bearable.
Our Original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling is based on a medically refined and worldwide proven biological method, on a purely natural basis. It is safe and can be used with almost any skin type. GREEN PEEL® does not need machines and successfully solves various skin problems. The fruit acid peeling, however, is a chemical peeling, which is based on milk-, lemon-, apple- or wine-acid. A fruit acid peeling is preferable done in low-sunlight months, as during the summer months there has to be paid a lot of attention to sun exposure. This kind of peeling requires 8-10 sessions in weekly intervals before showing visible results. Micro-needling is a relatively new instrument for treating aesthetic skin problems. Here the skin is injured with numerous small needles to stimulate its self-regeneration. Additionally, active ingredients are transfected into the skin. Some skin problems, such as scars, wrinkles, stretch marks can be improved by micro-needling.
No. After a GREEN PEEL® treatment, the skin is young and fresh. Of course, this skin needs special attention. With every GREEN PEEL®, your skin becomes stronger, firmer and resistant. Metabolism is activated, microcirculation, as well as the interlocking of skin layers, is improved. This, in turn, results in the skin receiving more oxygen and nutrients. The connective tissue fibres (collagenous and elastic fibres) are activated, and metabolic wastes wicked away.
GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up (without skin peeling) is suitable for: pigmentation disorders, tired, pale skin and for general dissatisfaction with a skin condition. GREEN PEEL® Energy (without skin peeling) is suitable for: age-related skin conditions, impurities, pale skin, scars and pigmentation disorders. GREEN PEEL® Classic (with skin peeling) is suitable for: large-pored skin, impure skin, scars, premature wrinkle formation, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation**, stretch marks and sagging body skin.


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