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Filorga® Global Repair Essence

R 1,140.00

Filorga® Global Repair Essence

Lotion / masque. Fine lines & wrinkles.

Recharged, the skin is immediately brighter and clearer. To immediately give it a boost of radiance and visible anti-aging action, Global-Repair Essence lotion contains many nutrients, cell boosters and nearly 50 meso-ingredients selected to fight against aging. With a comfortable and non-greasy texture, Global-Repair Essence lotion penetrates immediately and does not leave a greasy film.


Day - Apply on the palm of your hands and then apply on the face with light touches, until the product is completely absorbed.

 Night - Use as a mask, according to the following technique:

  1. Moisten cotton pads in water
  2. Unfold the cotton disks so that they are thinner
  3. Soak them with the GLOBAL-REPAIR ESSENCE lotion
  4. Apply them all over the face, like a mask
  5. Leave on for a few minutes and then remove the cotton pads.

Size: 50 / 150ml