FILORGA®Medi-Cosmetique UV-Bronze Mist SPF50

FILORGA® Medi-Cosmetique UV-Bronze Mist SPF50

Comprehensive anti-ageing shield [photo-activated technology]: a powerful antioxidant, activated by the sun’s rays, gives the skin high protection against UV + IR and combats signs of ageing.

  • Refreshing mist 
  • Tan-enhancing veil


  • Apply in the morning after moisturizer
  • Reapply as needed thru the day

Active Ingredients:

  • Micro-encapsulated glacier water - Tones the skin
  • A moisturising polysaccharide combined with vitamin H - Revives complexion radiance for a sublimated tan. Ultra-light and invisible texture. Water resistant

Size: 60ml

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