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Filorga® Pore Express Primer

R 530.00

Filorga® Pore Express Primer

The Filorga Pore Express is an oil-free, active primer with a matte finish that helps refine the pores and even skin tone. It’s perfect as a make-up base and ideal for oily and combination skin.

Express perfecting action [mat & blur technology]:
A breathable texture which combines mineral sebum sensors for a flash mattifying effect, combined with optical blurring ingredients for instant smoothing of pores and skin texture.

A combination of 4 active ingredients: [astringent bio-ferment + botanical sebum reducer + soothing niacinamide + collagen booster] to reduce pores, excess sebum, stubborn imperfections and diffuse redness.

Advantages: City protection [impurities + pollution] for clear skin all day long



Apply after your usual daily skincare to the entire face or targeted areas. Excellent make-up base. Can also be used for touch-ups during the day.


Size: 30ml