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Filorga® Time Filler 5XP Cream

R 1,170.00

Filorga® Time Filler 5XP Cream

Time-Filler 5XP incorporates the 5XP core formula, inspired by 5 areas of expertise from aesthetic medicine to smooth the 5 types of wrinkles

  • Expression lines
    Time-Filler 5XP integrates a tripeptide inspired inspired by botulinum toxin injections to relax the features.
  • Deep wrinkles
    A complex of matrikines is combined with encapsulated hyaluronic acid inspired by filling injections to fill in deep wrinkles.
  • Dryness wrinkles
    The NCEF blends with a botanical extract, inspired by revitalising injections to plump the skin.
  • Surface wrinkles
    Time-Filler 5XP benefits from the resurfacing  properties of sea fennel inspired by peels, for a smoothing action on surface wrinkles, without irritating or drying the skin.
  • Neck wrinkles
    A botanical extract inspired by lifting threads to restructure neck wrinkles.


  • Apply to a clean and dry face and neck. Suitable for morning and evening application.

 Size: 50ml