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Filorga® Time Filler Eyes 5XP

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Filorga® Time Filler Eyes 5XP

TIME FILLER EYES 5XP is a multi-correction anti-wrinkle cream that simultaneously targets 5 areas around the eyes: crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, frown lines, sagging eyelids, and dark circles.

Thanks to its high-precision cocktail of active ingredients [relaxing peptides + plant stem cells + NCEF], it is used to relax features so as to reduce frown lines without freezing facial expressions.

  • Wrinkles - A trio of active-ingredients combining plumping hyaluronic acid, powerful peptide and a resurfacing active ingredient relaxes features and smoothes wrinkles around the eye contour area.
  • Lids and Lashes - A lifting complex acts against upper eyelid slackening while a stimulating matrikine combines the provitamin B5 to thicken lashes.
  • Under-Eye Circles -  It provides a smoothing action to crow’s feet without irritating the skin, captures water and intensely plumps the skin to smooth under-eye wrinkles

For effective anti-wrinkle action on the face and eyes after 7 days, apply our expert smoothing duo TIME-FILLERS EYES 5XP + TIME-FILLER 5XP CREAM** daily.

Perfect for all skin types, TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP’s super-spredable smoothing texture instantly absorbs into skin, leaving it feeling smooth.


The TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP anti-ageing eye cream is applied morning and evening on the eye contour area. Lightly tap around the entire eye area, not forgetting the upper eyelid. Apply to the bottom of the eyebrows too. Smooth from the inner corner in an outwards motion, paying special attention to the crow’s feet.

Size: 15ml