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Filorga® Time-Filler Intensive

R 1,040.00

Filorga® Time-Filler Intensive

A multi-corrective anti-ageing serum  inspired by aesthetic medical technology that intensively corrects all types of wrinkles. An ultra-light smoothing texture.

An effective anti-ageing serum that reduces all types of wrinkles. Containing active ingredients inspired by filler injections and exfoliations, which makes facial muscles more relaxed and the skin regains its volume and is left softer than ever.

This Intensive Serum has the ability to provide volume with filler effect to deep wrinkles, reduce mimic wrinkles with botox effect, smooth superficial wrinkles with peeling effect and fill out dryness wrinkles using a plant extract. Effective clinically proven efficacy under dermatological control.

• Fast and lasting smoothing effect on the face and neck
• Intensive correction of all types of wrinkles
• Provides firmness, lustre and improved skin quality.


Apply before moisturiser to the face and neck as part of your daily skincare routine in the morning and evening.

 Size: 30ml