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Filorga® Time Flash Primer

R 568.00

Filorga® Time Flash Primer

Double action primer that instantly lifts and smooths. Formulated with a combination of active ingredients to also improve wrinkles over time.

Lift action: 3D polysaccharides form a tightening film on the skin’s surface to instantly smooth fine lines.

Blur action: Blurring agents refine the pores and skin texture.

Lasting multi-correction: A combination of 4 active ingredients: skin-relaxing hexapeptide + collagen booster + peel-like active ingredient + hyaluronic acid booster,  act on all types of wrinkles (contraction + deep + surface + dry) for a long-lasting smoother skin.



Apply after your usual daily skincare to the entire face or targeted areas. Excellent make-up base. Can also be used for touch-ups during the day for a beauty lift in a flash.


Size: 30ml