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Foot Peel Surgi–Heel™

It is vital to take care of your feet as it is an essential part of your body. Not only is it part of your overall appearance, but it also serves as an indicator of a person’s overall hygiene. Surgi–heel™ has a unique approach to pedicures and offers the perfect solution for dry and cracked heels. The Surgi–heel™ solution removes dead skin cells in a single application and is an entirely safe chemical peel for the feet. To soften the stratum corneum, many keratolytic chemicals are used. At Aesthetica Skin Centre, we use the Surgi–heel™ in a three-step treatment to exfoliate the feet. You can enjoy smoother feet in a single application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can enjoy silky smooth heels in a once-off procedure. We guarantee softer, smoother feet in a single application. Surgi–heel™ has revolutionised the way in how we treat cracked heels. There are no filing or blading. Dead skin cells are gently removed from the heels in a single treatment.
The treatment is ideal for someone who wants to maintain healthy feet or for those who want to treat dry or cracked heels.
We ask a lot of our feet, we take them for granted and scarcely give a thought to how best to keep them healthy until something goes wrong. We recommend three steps to keep feet healthy: Wear good shoes, stay a healthy weight and walk regularly. Not only is walking good general exercise, but it also strengthens and stretches the feet (and remember to change your shoes regularly).


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