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Advanced Hand Treatments

We tend to spend a lot of time, effort and money looking after our facial features while the hands are forgotten. Damage often occurs as the hands are always on show, be it in and out of water, making them dry and then of course exposure to all types of weather. At Aesthetica Skin Centre, our Skin Health for Hands concept provides comprehensive and continuous solutions to achieve healthy hands. Our Advanced Hand Treatments minimises rough skin and dark spots with our advanced anti-ageing hand treatments. Our different aesthetic hand treatments are designed to not only correct existing skin damage but to prevent future damage in easy, simple steps. Our anti-ageing hand treatments with carboxytherapy, lasers, chemical peel systems, retinol, potent antioxidants, rich emollients, and powerful sun protection help reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the hand’s overall texture, tone and colour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Conditions such as spots, discolouration, and wrinkles appear on our hands. As we age, our skin can develop dark brown or black pigmentation marks, these are called solar lentigines, more commonly known as age or sunspots. Our advanced treatments are able to renew and improve our skin by reducing or even removing them, and if we remember to use sunblock effectively, they will not reappear.
We provide different procedures to care for ageing hands, e.g., carboxytherapy, IPL laser, radiofrequency laser, Fraxel laser, RF needling, chemical peels and hyaluronic acid vital injections.
Hand procedures for ageing hands can take from 15-30 minutes.


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