Heliocare®Gelcream Colour

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Heliocare® Gel-cream Colour SPF 50

Heliocare® Color gel-cream reduces facial imperfections contributing to an even skin tone. Its gel-cream texture blends in and moistures the skin. An antioxidant and restorative formula combining the best of Heliocare® photoprotection and makeup. Thanks to Fernblock® with its advanced technology filter combination and active antioxidants it prevents and repairs solar damage correcting visible signs of photoaging. Available in two shades, light and brown, offering a natural make-up look.

  • Offers a made-up look, covers imperfections and at the same time offers an antioxidant and restorative high photoprotection
  • It can be used as a fluid foundation. Oil-free formula
  • Not comedogenic


  • Apply the sunscreen evenly and liberally half an hour before sun exposure
  • Re-apply frequently throughout the day and especially after swimming or heavy sweating or if outdoors for prolonged periods
  • Excessive sun exposure can be harmful to your health. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure during the hottest times of the day when UV radiation is at its highest

Active Ingredients:

  • Fernblock®
  • Green tea
  • Vitamin E

Size: 50ml

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