Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Excessive Sweating:

Hyperhidrosis is the term for excessive sweating, which can have a detrimental effect on people's social and work life. Hyperhidrosis is not a temporary condition and many people who suffer have likely been suffering for years. Hot or cold the sweating is constant and individuals can expect symptoms such as wetness and staining of clothing, clammy hands, soggy smelly feet which can make a miserable existence. Individuals may avoid interacting with colleagues, friends, partners, and family due to embarrassment which can lead to isolation and possible depression.

Quick & Highly Effective Treatment:

Hyperhidrosis injections are one of the easiest, quickest and effective treatments available to greatly decrease excessive sweating. Treatment of hyperhidrosis involves injecting into the identified areas. This treatment will prevent the glands from producing sweat. The effects generally start to take place after a few days with an estimated 80% of individuals seeing an improvement in their condition after a week. The treatment blocks the nerve endings, but after approximately 6-8 months new nerve endings grow to replace them. The duration of the effects is an average of 6-8 months but can last up to a year and will vary with each individual.

While sweating is an essential function for temperature control, the underarms have less than 2% of the body's sweat glands. The treatment has no effect on body thermoregulation and compensatory sweating.

Affected Areas:

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a relatively rare, non-life-threatening medical condition that normally occurs in the:

  • Hands (palmar hyperhidrosis);
  • Armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis); or
  • Feet (plantar hyperhidrosis)


When is Hyperhidrosis Treatment to be considered a good option for underarm sweating?

The treatment is usually considered when topical treatments such as antiperspirants have been unsuccessful and if your sweating has become an issue that is effecting your quality of life, this is a treatment you should definitely look into.

Does it really work?

Yes! However, it is not a permanent cure for hyperhidrosis. Your sweating will slowly return to normal. It is recommended to receive touch-up treatments as needed in order to maximize the longevity of your results.



All our photographs of before and after treatment results are examples only, and do not constitute an implied or any other kind of guarantee of the result of treatment procedures. Results can vary significantly between our clients. All our treatment results are subject to the individualities of each client.

Furthermore, all treatment procedures carry potential risks and complications which are described in detail in our treatment consent forms. These may include but are not limited to, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, dissatisfaction with the result and the expense of further treatments to manage a complication (patient forms). If you have any questions regarding these potential risks and complications. Please discuss them with our doctors or aesthetic therapist prior to treatments.

Before undergoing a treatment, please be sure that you understand that YOUR actual results will likely VARY SIGNIFICANTLY from other patient’s results, including their BEFORE & AFTER photos.

This is quite important to understand — that EVEN when you feel that you look very similar to another client in their BEFORE images, your results will likely vary significantly — because you are a unique person.  Every individual has NOT only a completely unique physique but also uniquely individualistic body healing capacities, scarring tendencies and recovery processes — some of which are unpredictable even in very-healthy patients who rest adequately and do ALL the other right things before and after their procedure.

Please be noted, our doctors and aesthetic therapists offer you our highest expertise in our aesthetic procedures.

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