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IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins are an essential part of the optimal function of a person’s body and mind. Most vitamins and minerals are produced by our bodies from the food we consume. However,  modern-day farming, processing and packaging food methods and food have a tremendous negative impact on the levels of nutrients in food. According to the research, our digestive system blocks high levels of oral vitamin and mineral consumed daily. Nevertheless, this is where IV Vitamin Therapy steps in. At Aesthetica Skin Centre, we infuse vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to be distributed where they are needed for optimum cell function and good health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

IV Vitamin Therapy is a vitamin infusion procedure. High doses of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids are directly infused into the bloodstream by using an intravenous drip.
IV therapy provides our bodies with hard-working nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of our bodies. IV therapy is ideal for a wide range of people who are stressed and overworked. The IV procedure also benefits professional athletes and people who are dedicated to operate at maximum fitness levels and older patients wanting to improve vitamin and mineral absorption for full nutrition. Several patients visit us at Aesthetica Skin Centre to feel fit and well while undergoing medical treatments that can often exhaust the body’s supplies of nutrients.
These nutrients provide our bodies with optimum health due to the normal functioning of cells. The power of vitamins and minerals support and maintain- the immune system; normal functioning of the nervous system; decrease fatigue and exhaustion; assist in energy production; support with the maintenance of muscles, bones, teeth, skin and hair; it helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.
With IV infusion, the nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream to support healthy cell functioning. Only IV vitamin therapy can provide adequate concentrations of these vitamins and minerals that are needed.
Research studies estimate that up to 85% of oral vitamins and minerals are ingested through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, these essential nutrients have no benefit to our health because they never reach the bloodstream. The nutrients of IV Vitamin Therapy are much higher and similar to those found in organic food and supplements.

We offer a range of specially formulated vitamin, mineral, and amino acid cocktails for our IV drips at Aesthetica Skin Centre.

Ultimate classic—A balanced combination for all-round improved function and well being.

Anti ageing drip—Reverse the visible signs of ageing.

Athlete/Sports professional drip—Speed up recovery time between sessions. Quicker injury recovery.

Energy boost drip—Increase energy levels throughout the day.

Immune system drip—Improve immunity against a whole range of diseases, including the common cold.

Hair Restoration—Specially formulated cocktail for hair loss prevention and regrowth.

Glutathione booster—Boost your intake of this super nutrient amino acid.

B12 vitamin booster—Ideal for vegans and vegetarians, and fend off certain anaemia


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