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Lamelle®Clarity Acnevelle

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Lamelle® Clarity Acnevelle

Acnevelle is an oral supplement, registered as a complementary medicine, which contains zinc picolinate and nicotinamide. This combination of ingredients has been shown to achieve an 88% reduction in the number of lesions on the skin within eight weeks of use when treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne. For the best results, use Acnevelle in combination with the Clarity range. Acnevelle also has a positive effect on the replacement and repair of the skin barrier – its anti-inflammatory properties will help treat itchiness and redness while reducing skin sensitivity.


  • For the first two weeks of treatment, take four capsules per day: two in the morning and two in the evening
  • Two weeks later, reduce the dosage to two capsules per day. The dose can be split or taken together, as long as the product is consistently taken at the same time every day
  • Continue taking Acnevelle for a minimum of two months
  • This product is safe to use in the long term, and there is no limitation to the duration of treatment with Acnevelle
  • Take after meals – and never on an empty stomach
  • The following patients were excluded from trials and studies of this product, and thus we do not recommend the use of Acnevelle under these conditions: Pregnancy, Patients that are taking Isotretinoin, Patients with a known allergy to nicotinamide or zinc Cystic acne

Active Ingredients:

  • Nicotinamide
  • Zinc Picolinate
    Size: 60 Capsules 

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