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Lamelle® Correctives AHA 5% Retexture Solution

R 425.00

Lamelle® Correctives AHA 5% Retexture Solution

Correctives 5% AHA re-texture solution is an effective skin smoothing and exfoliating solution, gentle enough for daily use on combination and oily skin. 5%  AHA re-texture solution improves the shedding of very superficial dead skin cells without harming the living layers of the skin resulting in noticeable smoothing of skin texture, brightening of the complexion and significant improvement in the normal pH of the skin acid mantle. Suitable for all skin types, except very sensitive skin.


Apply the solution to clean, dry skin and massage until fully absorbed. Apply a moisturiser over the product and apply sunscreen for day time use. DO NOT use on dry or sensitive skin, immediately post procedure, over open wounds or on mucous membranes. When first starting the product, it is advised to use only once daily until the skin response to the product has been established. If there are no tolerability issues, the product can be applied twice daily provided that a suitable sunscreen product is used during the day.

Size: 30ml

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