Lamelle®Correctives Recharge CE

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Lamelle®Correctives Recharge CE Complex

Correctives Recharge CE contains a high concentration of stabilized Ascorbic acid (active Vitamin C) and Vitamin E and is a serum that is essential in the treatment of lines, wrinkles and firmness and also brightening of the skin.

Vitamin C has many forms or esters. The skin needs the active form, L-ascorbic acid (Ascorbic Acid or AA) to activate fibroblasts, these active fibroblasts are the cells that make healthy collagen and healthy elastin, they make more fibroblasts and also to lower the levels of injuring enzymes in the dermis (lower layer of the skin)that cause thinning and sagging. This form of Vitamin C is also the most prolifically found in the epidermis (the top 4 layers of the skin) and is the skin's most important antioxidant. The effects of Vitamin C can be seen on al skins regardless of their age or the amount of sun damage.


  • Cleanse and dry the skin
  • Apply the skin and then apply moisturizer
  • Mostly used in the morning, we need more antioxidant during the day when we are more sun-exposed
  • Can be used twice daily
  • It might tingle for a short time, this is the water-soluble ascorbic acid being released into the skin

Active Ingredients: 

  • 20% Proprietary Stabilised L-ascorbic acid
  • 3% alpha-tocopherol

Size: 30ml 

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