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Lamelle® Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum

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Lamelle® Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum

Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum features a unique form of lipid-soluble Vitamin C at a remarkable yet safe 20% concentration, along with soothing Jojoba and Ginger Root. This product offers the ability to deliver the age-reversing properties of Vitamin C to skins that cannot tolerate products containing ascorbic acid. This soothing, advanced formulation of Vitamin C can be applied to sensitive/dry skin from the first treatment (no need to acclimatise the skin).

 Skin benefits of Vita-C Lipid Serum:

  • Powerful antioxidant effect protects cell membranes and structures in the epidermis and dermis
  • Boosts fibroblast activity to increase collagen production, softening lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture
  • Supports the lipid bi-layer and contains soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients, resulting in plumper, healthier skin
  • Inhibits melanin production and prevents oxidisation of melanin – for brighter, glowing skin

Target client:

  • Clients showing signs of photo-ageing
  • Clients that are exposed to higher than normal levels of free radicals, e.g. smokers
  • Skin that does not tolerate ascorbic-acid-containing products
  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Clients preferring a serum combined with a day or night cream
  • Clients requesting a lipid-based serum to treat ageing – dermal signs
  • Client and skin care professionals that require additional healing and lipid support in the weeks after in-office skin treatments


After cleansing and drying the skin, apply 2–3 drops onto the skin using the dropper. Massage lightly to spread the serum and allow it to be absorbed. Apply your day or night cream. Apply sunscreen daily to further protect the skin.

Size: 30ml


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