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Lamelle® Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus

R 945.00

Lamelle® Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus cream has been engineered powerfully remodel and aggressively prevents further damage in the delicate fragile area of the eye. This product is focussed on softening lines and wrinkles around the eye. It is an excellent support product when combined with in-office treatments that are focussed on this area and will enhance the results achieved with these treatments.
Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream is focussed on softening fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing puffiness and inflammation and rebuilding the lipid bi-layer of the skin around the eye and on the lid of the eye.


  • After cleansing and patting the skin dry, use only a small pump applied in a tapping motion with your ring fingers around the eye
  • The product can be applied within the ocular ridge but do not get the product into the eyes
  • Use twice daily
  • Special precaution with Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus
  • A small pea-size drop is enough for both eyes
  • Using too much product much might make the eyes feel slightly puffy as the area of skin is overstimulated
  • If your eyes feel puffy initially use it once daily only for a few days

Active Ingredients:

  • Proprietary Growth Factor and Cytokine
  • Bisabolol
  • Panthenol
  • Lipid Soluble Vit C
  • Apricot oil

Size: 20ml

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