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Lamelle® Nourish Revitalise Eye

R 785.00

Lamelle® Nourish Revitalise Eye

Premium anti-aging eye care also reduces eye puffiness and congestion. Nourish Revitalise Eye helps contour and firm the eye skin, making fine lines less noticeable and eyes brighter. Built into a luxuriously smooth cream base, the Baobab and Grapeseed oils infuse the eye skin with anti-oxidants and natural oils, while anti-congestion peptides help keep eye skin free from tiring bags under the eyes.
Anti-oxidants in the form of Vitamin C and E as well as Astaxanthin assist in the prevention of scavenging of these reactive oxygen species (ROS) formed within the skin.


  • After cleansing the skin, apply a small pump to the area around the eye using a tapping motion with the ring finger
  • The product can be applied inside the ocular ridge, but be careful not to get the product into your eyes
  • Use twice daily

Active Ingredients:

  • Lipid-soluble vitamin C
  • Skin-firming peptides
  • Anti-inflammatory panthenol
  • Light-reflecting silicone base
Size: 15ml

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