Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask

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Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask is a silk-like formulation to provide extra moisture to very dry skin types.

Main ingredients: Ceramide-P, Dexpanthenol, Oat beta glucan extract, Patented anti-inflammatory peptides.

Benefits: Firstly, this rich moisturising mask consists of the Lipid Recovery Complex to provide essential support to any dry skin treatment program. Furthermore, by using it two to three times per week, it will provide even greater moisturisation when skin is drier than usual.

Use: Serra Lipid Recovery Mask does not replace the need for a moisturiser, but rather as an addition to an effective moisturiser. The Serra Lipid Recovery Mask is not cleansed off the face. Excess mask residue is gently wiped from the face with a facecloth before the appropriate Serra moisturiser is applied.

Size: 70ml

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