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Lamelle® Serra NSB Cream

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Lamelle® Serra NSB Cream

The “NSB” in Serra NSB Cream stands for “Neuro-Sensory Barrier Cream”. It was created using a very specific blend of ingredients that specifically address the type of hyper-sensitivity experienced by people with SSS. Not only can it help repair the potentially weakened skin barrier, but it also addresses the overstimulated cell receptors while relying on advanced new methods of soothing skin irritation.


  • A potent TRPV1 suppressor limits the expression of this protein in the skin, helping to control the hypersensitivity associated with SSS. (TRPV1 is a nerve channel that, when overstimulated, creates unwanted sensations like burning or itching.)
  • A special amino acid anti-inflammatory from extremolytes delivers remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. (An extremophile is a life form that can live in seemingly inhospitable conditions and extremolytes are the compounds that protect it.)
  • Patented Ceramide-P helps replenish the lipid structures in the skin, restoring the weakened barrier to optimal functioning.



Serra NSB Cream Application – Once or Twice a day or only when needed

  • Cleanse, dry and apply your Skin Essence products.
  • Then apply the NSB Cream and massage lightly to allow it to penetrate.
  • Can be used with Correctives Serums and add a sunscreen during the day.


Special Precautions:

  • Serra NSB cream might tingle on very dry skin when applied initially – this is due to correction of the pH.
  • In extremely sensitive, reactive and sensitised skin patch test prior to application

Size: 50ml

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