Lamelle®Serra Soothing Cream

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Lamelle®Serra Soothing Cream

In addition to providing unparalleled skin barrier support to reduce skin dryness and discomfort, Serra Soothing Cream contains advanced anti-inflammatory peptides that directly interact with the skin immune response to reduce the extent of redness, burning and swelling. Serra Soothing Cream is indicated when skin dryness has progressed to a state of redness, discomfort, and dryness.

  • Barrier replacement therapy
  • anti-itch effects
  • anti-redness benefits
  • reduces skins sensitivity
  • anti-inflammatory effects


  • Apply immediately after cleansing – to trap the moisture on your skin after cleansing. If you suffer from dry skin you might experience a slight tingle
  • Use morning and evening
  • On very dry skin, use repeatedly during the day and after in-salon treatments

Active Ingredients:

  • Ceramides P
  • Oat Beta Glucan 
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Size: 50ml

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