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LusterGlo® Home Care Bundle: Serum & Moisturiser

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LusterGlo® Home Care Bundle: Serum & Moisturiser 

Luster Glo Pigmentation serum and moisturiser with glutathione

To ensure the success of treating pigmentation of any severity, home care is absolutely essential. As for pigmentation forms inside the body’s cells, the process of forming pigmentation needs to be controlled inside the body. Glutathione is a natural way of inhibiting pigmentation and forms the basis of all Luster Glo’s products.

  • Indicated for optimal health
  • Moderate to severe pigmentation, or accelerated results 
  • Ideal option to initiate treatment
  • Suggested bundle for first 3 months, or until pigmentation starts lifting, then products can be adjusted
  • Ideal bundle for pigmentation flair-ups, or after severe/extended sun-exposure

Size: 15ml + 30ml