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ePlus® Motif™ Laser Hair Removal

 Highly Effective. Safe on All Skin Types. Maximum Treatment Options.

The ePlus® Motif™ by Syneron-Candela is a state-of-the-art hair removal platform used by Aesthetica Skin Centre. It is indeed the fastest diode laser platform to deliver safe and effective treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types. The NEW Motif LHR hair removal modes are both effective and comfortable with increased patient safety and reduced treatment times on all skin types. The NEW Motif IR applicator is a safer, more efficient way of treating superficial skin texture and pore size for overall facial rejuvenation with zero downtime. Using diode laser technology combined with RF (radiofrequency. The elos combined energy provides highly selective targeting of the hair follicle and shaft while protecting the surrounding tissue. The Motif mode offer treatment options for multiple high-frequency pass ‘virtually painless’ hair removal on all skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Clients would need 6-8 treatment sessions, depending on which area is treated. Also, to achieve these results, the treatment intervals are then generally between 6-8 weeks.
The client should shave in between treatments. However, on the first treatment session, the client may leave the hair for the therapist to assess. The client should not wax or tweeze the hair during hair removal procedures.
No laser treatment should be done whilst pregnant. Your therapist will discuss all the contraindications with your consultation.
With the new technology of Motif™ mode, it is virtually pain-free. Pulse mode may be a bit sensitive, but due to the latest cooling technology, it is much more comfortable than older techniques.  
After your ePlus® Motif™ laser hair removal treatment, the treated skin may feel sensitive, reddish and warm. These mild side effects are quite common and will disappear within a few hours of your treatment. It is essential to avoid direct sunlight and refrain from further aesthetic procedures on the same day that may irritate the area. Clients can expect hair growth will decrease within the four weeks of their approximately six treatments. During this time, you can shave your hair, but do not pluck, wax or tweeze your hair as the hair follicle is the most crucial part in this clinical procedure.


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