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PhiBrows™ Microblading

PhiBrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow shaping in which the shape of eyebrows are calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure at Aesthetica Skin Centre to correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrows. The process is performed by manually depositing pigment under the top layer of the skin with a special pen. The microblading technique is a way of implanting pigment under the epidermis using a specially designed tiny blade which leaves thin realistic hair strokes for the most natural finish. With this method, we can create almost any look, from a very natural light finish or a beautifully bold brow. Sparse or missing brows can be completely restored. When using the handheld microblade, the colour is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used, leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes for a natural look. The procedure is a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their eyebrows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The treatment is ideal for those wishing to:

- Change the appearance of their eyebrows, or replace missing brows.

- Change your brow shape.

- Improve definition.

- Add colour.

- Add density to sparse brows.

- Lengthen and/or thicken over plucked brows.

- Replace brows lost due to chemotherapy/alopecia/other medical conditions.

- No need to worry about reapplying brow make up throughout the day.

- No more smudged brows!

Prior consultation is not required, although specific instances might require a preliminary consultation. Every eyebrow is different as every face is different; therefore, the brows are shaped according to your facial features and bone structure to create a brow shape that is perfect for you. The colour of the pigment we use will also be best suited to your skin and hair colour, which will give you the most natural-looking brows. Once you are satisfied with the shape and thickness of your shaped brows, the microblading procedure begins.

PhiBrows® is a manual skill of shaping a semi-permanent eyebrow. The shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection and face morphology. The pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using sterilised tools and equipment. The pigment colour is matched with the natural colour of the eyebrows. The stroke technique is in the direction of the natural hair growth to achieve that hyper-realistic look.

The microblading procedure is performed with disposable sterile tools, and pigments are produced following the highest PhiBrows® microblading pigment standards. A follow-up correction procedure is done a month after the initial treatment because most of the pigment is lost after the healing process. The healing process generally takes 28 days, and this is when the obligatory follow-up procedure is done. However, with problematic and oily skins, several correction procedures are performed to obtain the most natural and perfect brows.

Furthermore, the colour is particularly dark during the first 5 to 7 days provided that 40 to 50% of the pigment intensity fades. Colour duration primarily depends on the condition of the client’s skin. Accordingly, the pigment colour fades faster when the individual has oilier skin. On average, colour refreshment is expected between 10 and 12 months. While individuals with oily skin types typically need a colour refreshment procedure every 6 months. The success and results of the microblading procedure depend on a client’s skin condition, the quality of the post-treatment care and exposure to external factors (i.e. sun exposure).

It is essential to be in good health. It is recommended that aesthetic treatment such as chemical peels, laser treatments and aesthetic injectables are not performed 30 days before the microblading procedure. Also, you should avoid alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen 72 hours before the procedure. The following supplements should also be avoided one week before the treatment:

- Vitamin E

- B6

- Omega 3

- Gingko Biloba

- St. John’s Wort

These supplements contribute to thinning the blood and may affect anaesthetic efficiency. You may resume taking your vitamins 72 hours after the procedure.

This varies from person to person—a colour refresh is recommended from 12-18 months after your initial procedure.
The procedure is split into 2 appointments which are 4-6 weeks apart, allowing for the healing process to complete. The initial procedure will take from 60 to 90 minutes, and your second appointment takes from 30-60 minutes.
Some clients find the procedure a little uncomfortable while other clients report no discomfort at all. A combination of 2 anaesthetics are used—a topical numbing cream and then a local anaesthetic is introduced once the procedure has started. This is topped up regularly during the treatment to keep you comfortable.
We choose a colour together by applying small amounts of different coloured pigments to the skin and your brows and selecting the best match for your skin tone, features and personal preference.
Your brows may be a little swollen, red and sometimes blanched (white). This is all very normal. They will be considerably darker for the first week before they begin to fade out to a softer colour.
At the beginning of the procedure, the microblading professional will draw in a suggested shape for your new brows and then perfecting this shape to your preference. Measurements are taken to check symmetry and placement.
No, you cannot have this treatment done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
The area can be a little sore for the first few hours and then tender to the touch for a couple of days.


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