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Pure Smile Teeth Whitening

The Pure Smile is a 100% natural teeth whitening system available at Aesthetica Skin Centre and has been tested and approved by the FDA. It contains all the components required for effective whitening. It is a self-administered treatment utilising the latest UV blue light whitening technology. Studies have confirmed that heat and light represent the main catalysts for the whitening process. All ingredients are from natural raw materials such as sodium bicarbonate and plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, and Chamomile. The Pure Smile unique formulation provides guaranteed teeth whitening for up to 1 year without using any pre-treatment containing detergents such as poloxamer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our products are 100% natural. All teeth whitening procedures in South Africa are done with whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide, a potent chemical which gives most users sensitive teeth and gum irritation. The Pure Smile whitening agents contain soda bicarbonate (baking soda). It is known as a strong whitening agent. It’s totally safe since it’s used for cooking and baking. Pomegranate, aloe vera and chamomile are three vegetals known as whitening agents and used in many skincare products to whiten the skin.
The results can last from six months to one year. However, we recommend that one now cares for your whitened teeth with our Keep Bright Pen. We also typically recommend pursuing another treatment in about 6 months. It is vital to remember that the longevity of results is dietary dependant. That is, a smoker, regular coffee or wine drinker will accumulate stain quicker than someone who does not smoke, drink coffee or wine.
Yes, we use an over the counter concentration of whitening gel combined with the LED light to activate the whitening process. There are contraindications if you are pregnant, photosensitive, or have crowns or fillings; they will not lighten. We always suggest any dental related questions be posed to your dentist as he/she knows your history. This is an esthetic treatment and can be provided to most people.
Almost everyone can enjoy the benefit of the whitening process if their teeth and gums are healthy. Remember, teeth cannot become whiter than genetically possible. Tetracycline stains may not be removed. And Stains resulting from excessive fluorides or porous teeth can expect little result.
No, but the standard procedure is to first whiten all adjacent teeth, wait two weeks for the colour to stabilise, then go to your dentist and have him match the new shade of your teeth.
All teeth whitening gels are made up of the same basic ingredient: carbamide peroxide (some hydrogen peroxide), whether sold over the counter or from your dentist. Our concentration is considered by the FDA to be over the counter, but its concentration is higher than most over the counter gels. However, it’s concentration is still lower than the dental office, and that is why we experience minimal or no sensitivity with our Pure Smile system.
The secret to the success of the teeth whitening system is the LED light. The whitening gel works quicker with the LED light because it has a specific wavelength. This wavelength is compatible with activating the oxygen release in the peroxide gel. Once the oxygen is released, it will cling to the staining and gently lift it away. Our medical-grade light enables us to always get a result effectively and efficiently.


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