QMS®Advanced ION Equalizing System 2-step Night Routine

R 4,570.00

QMS®Advanced ION Equalizing System 2-step Night Routine

A unique anti-aging skincare duo, which boosts the skin’s nightly regeneration process. The smart formulation helps ions to generate a gentle microcurrent of electricity over the skin. This increases the skin’s bioelectrical composition, and can stimulate collagen and elastin fibers by enhancing the intercommunication between skin cells.


    Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum

    • Evenings: Spray Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum on cleansed skin and thoroughly massage into skin
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Follow by applying

    Ion Skin Equalizer Night Cream

    • Over the serum and massage into skin
    • This can leave a slight tingling sensation on the face
    • Apply equal amounts of the Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum and Cream to the entire face each night 

    Active Ingredients: 

    • Eugenia Gracilis Complex
    • Matrikine Complex 
    • Imperata Cylindrica Complex

    Size: 50ml + 30ml