QMS®Deep Gentle Cleanser Cleansing Lotion

R 655.00

QMS®Deep Gentle Cleanser Cleansing Lotion

A gentle deep skin cleansing lotion designed to nurture the skin while effectively removing impurities. This cleansing lotion gently and intensively removes all make-up, water/oil soluble particles and other impurities from the skin. Contains no mineral oils and can be used to remove stubborn eye make-up. Suitable for all skin types.


    • Apply in the morning and evening to dry skin including over the eye area, gently work in the emulsion using circular hand movements
    • Remove with a damp sponge or plenty of water
    • For best results use every day
    Active Ingredients: 
    • Citric Acid
    • Zea Mays Germ Oil
    • Glyceryl Oleate

    Size: 200ml