QMS Medi Cosmetics 24H. Cream

A clever moisturizer with a built-in clock, during the day it protects whilst at night it relaxes and regenerates the skin.

Through dynamically built caring-cycles, active ingredients like vitamins and a moisturizing factor unfold in a way normally achieved through multiple products. 24H Cream protects during the day, relaxes your skin in the evening and regenerates during the night. This combination helps to improve the skin's tone, restore a smooth texture and provide all day hydration.

HOW IT WORKS: Logic not miracles.

The intelligent formulation of this highly effective moisturiser is designed to provide the skin with 24-hour care.

Through the day, the vitamin complex guards against negative environmental factors and free radicals, while in the evening cellular activity is stimulated and skin regeneration is promoted. The active ingredients deliver sustained protection against dryness and improve the skin's tone.

THE BENEFITS: What will it do for my skin?

Provides a multi-active combination of care to protect, relax and regenerate the skin.

· Provides intensive moisturizing and leaves the skin firm

· Prevents against free radicals

· Protects against moisture loss

· Activates the natural protective functions

HOW TO APPLY: Will it work with my regime?

Apply mornings and evenings to thoroughly cleansed facial skin, spread evenly using circular hand motions and gently massage.

Size: 50ml 

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