QMS®Medi Cosmetics Power Firm Mask

QMS®Medi Cosmetics Power Firm Mask

Rich, nourishing and soothing face mask that helps to intensely restore and regulate skin’s moisture levels.

Wellness for dry skin, this nourishing face mask helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and helps achieve plumpness in the skin. Suitable for dry/ dehydrated skin.

  • Stabilizes and adjusts the moisture content of the skin into the deeper layers of the dermis
  • Boosts the skin’s moisture level
  • Keep it elastic and Silk Proteins hydrate
  • Calms stressed and irritated skin


    • Apply generously on cleansed face or on top of your Day Collagen or Night Collagen serum.
    • Remove with a cotton pad or cloth after 15-20 minutes. Gently massage any residue. If needed, follow with your preferred moisturizer
    • Alternatively apply a small amount to cleansed skin, massage into skin to use overnight as a sleep-in mask – follow normal cleansing routine in the morning to remove

    Active Ingredients: 

    • Silk Protein 
    • Hyaluronic Acid 
    • Glycoderm P (Concentrated honey) 
    • Black Oat Extract
    • Almond Oil
    • Isobutylamide from Paracress 

    Size: 100ml 

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