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QMS White Cosmetic Sponge

R 65.00

QMS White Cosmetic Sponge

Synthetic cleansing sponge that has been specially designed to gently exfoliate, detox and stimulate skin, removing all traces of your facial cleanser. Kind on your complexion, made with synthetic materials so it will not harbour bacteria. Can be used to help improve blood circulation, gently remove dead skin cells, and deeply cleanse.


How to Use

Much like a muslin cloth or flannel, our sponge can be used to gently wipe away cleanser when washing your face by using lukewarm water. This sponge can also be used to remove our Active Exfoliant 11% and 7% with lukewarm water once it is time for it to be removed.

This sponge can be machine washed.


Size / Content: 1 Sponge