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Skin Perfusion Exfoliating Cream (Scrub)

R 560.00

Transform skin texture with Fillmed skin perfusion exfoliating cream. Formulated with micro-polishing beads and a resurfacing complex, this exfoliating cream provides a mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells on the skin surface, helping to active skin’s renewal process to refine skin texture.

  • Optimal exfoliating action with micro-polishing beads & a resurfacing complex
  • Removes dead skin cells & stimulates skin renewal
  • Transforms skin texture
  • The complexion is more even & luminous
  • Once or twice a week treatment

Ideal for a weekly treatment, Fillmed Skin Perfusion Exfoliating Cream transforms and refines skin texture for an even and luminous complexion.

How to use:

Apply to damp skin once or twice a week. Massage gently then rinse thoroughly with water.

Size: 50ml