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Slender Wonder Protein Bar

R 20.00

Slender Wonder Protein Bar

Slender Wonder has developed a healthy Cookies & Cream flavour protein bar that is available to anyone.

In today’s busy life, finding healthy snacks that fit into your weight management programme can be challenging to say the least.
High-protein and fibre-rich snacks are a good choice as it helps to fill you up, but it isn’t practical to carry a chicken salad around with you all the time!
The Slender Wonder bar is individually wrapped, easy to carry anywhere without the need for refrigeration to stay fresh and thus very convenient.
Now there is no excuse for skipping meals or resorting to unhealthy fast food!

What is the Principle of the Protein Bar?

  1. A higher protein content in a meal makes you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer and avoid hunger pangs.
  2. It also help to retain more lean muscle.
  3. Another factor that has been widely recognized in successful weight management is eating regularly! Five to six smaller meals a day helps to regulate blood sugar, energy levels and keep the metabolism going.

Size: 40g