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Sun Secure Extreme Spf50 Gel

R 275.00

SVR Sun Extreme Spf50 Gel

For all types of sensitive skin. From age three. Face and areas that are sensitive to the sun. SUN SECURE Extreme SPF50+ offers very high sun protection against all types of rays in an ultra-matt gel with a non-greasy finish. The innovative clear balm-in-gel texture melts easily into the skin for very quick application. The delicate summery scent makes you want to apply it again and again! Resistant to water, sweat and towel-drying. Ideal for sports and exercise, especially for men and teenagers as it is totally invisible and non-sticky, and for anyone who doesn’t usually like to wear sunscreen!


Apply a sufficient quantity evenly to cover the face and exposed areas before sun exposure. Repeat application frequently, every two hours and after swimming/bathing.


Integral Secure Technology – targets all types of rays:

Protects against UVA and UVB with a combination of high-performance photostable organic filters that form a physical barrier on the surface of the skin

Protects against infrared and visible light with an antioxidant liposomal complex [beta-carotene + Detoxophane®] that forms a cellular shield

Repairs cellular damage caused by sun exposure thanks to niacinamideEmollient phase with coconut oil for hydrated, comfortable skin

Size: 50ml



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