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SVR Ampoule A Lift

R 769.00

SVR Ampoule B3 Hydra

Uneven skin, skin imperfections, enlarged pores, wrinkles. This serum, highly concentrated in vitamin A, retexturizes the skin tissue to smooth the skin. Day after day, the skin texture is refined, the skin quality is improved and skin looks younger.


  • A customized routine in a few drops: apply morning or night before your normal cream or mix directly into your cream. Avoid contact with the eyes.
    Sensitive skin: Retinol is a powerful molecule that activates cell regeneration. Start with a use every 3 days, then if the skin tolerates it well every 2 days and then every day. In case of tingling, redness, heating, desquamation, use every 3 days.


  • Vitamin A / Retinol is a leading anti-ageing active ingredient which retexturizes skin and corrects deep wrinkles. Potent, 0.3% is enough to renew your skin. SVR has selected two forms of vitamin A including an encapsulated form for effectiveness at every level of the epidermis and optimal tolerance for sensitive skin. The combination gently smoothes the skin surface and regenerates the epidermis. Pure Retinol concentrated at 0.1% Pure Retinol encapsulated at 0.2% by liposomes in the phospholipidic membrane - similar to those in skin cells - is continuously released inside the epidermis.

Size: 30ml

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