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SVR Ampoule A Lift

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Ampoule A Lift

Irregular skin, skin blemishes, large pores, wrinkles.

This ultra-concentrated vitamin A serum re-texture the skin tissue to smooth the skin. Day after day, the skin texture is refined, the quality of the skin improves, it looks younger.

Because skin aging is not limited to the presence of wrinkles, SVR supports the skin as a whole. Do you know how many women say they are affected by skin irregularities in addition to fine lines and wrinkles? Still far too much!

Vitamin A / retinol is a benchmark anti-aging active ingredient that retexturizes the skin and corrects deep wrinkles. Powerful, 0.3% is enough for a new skin. SVR has selected two forms of pure vitamin A, one of which is encapsulated for efficacy at all levels of the epidermis and optimum tolerance for sensitive skin. Their association gently smooths the surface of the skin and regenerates the epidermis.

Its milky galenic merges with the skin and diffuses its active ingredients gently for visible results and skin as smooth as it is comfortable.

No toxicological risk has been proven but as a precautionary principle, we do not recommend its use by pregnant women.


  • Your tailor-made routine in just a few drops: apply morning or evening before your daily treatment or mix directly into your cream. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Sensitive skin: Retinol is a powerful molecule that activates cell regeneration. Start by using it every 3 days, then if the skin supports it well every 2 days then every day. In case of stinging, redness, heating, desquamation adopt a use every 3 days.


Size: 30ml