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SVR Ampoule C Anti-Ox

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Ampoule Essence B3

Dull, tired skin, unevenness, wrinkles. 20% Vitamin C optimized for radiant skin! This ultra-concentrated serum with optimized Vitamin C immediately recharges the skin to reveal a radiant complexion and reduce signs of fatigue. Day after day, the skin is in great shape: toned, luminous and even!

After 1 application: +75% toned skin

After 7 days:
+17% complexion luminosity
+18% complexion homogeneity

After 28 days:
90% of tired skin is revived
97% of dull skin is energized


  • A customized routine in a few drops: apply morning and night before your normal cream or mix directly into your cream. Avoid the eye contour.   


  • Vitamin C

    So how can its effectiveness be maximized? SVR selected an optimized form. 20% of this optimized Vitamin C is equivalent to 17% of pure Vitamin C. Its structure is similar to Vitamin C and offers the same properties as pure Vitamin C but is stable and effective over time. Result: Ampoule C recharges skin batteries, delivering an effective boost and what’s more it can be kept for 9 months after opening. 


Size: 30ml