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SVR Cicavit+ Baume Levres

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Cicavit+ Baume Levres

Lips dry to very dry, severely parched. Chapped, damaged, torn, irritated lips. Baby, Child, Adult.

Contrary to popular belief, having chapped and parched lips is not only related to the cold. There are many other reasons that can lead to skin lesions on the lips: medical treatments, allergies, pollution, the sun, insufficient hydration, tobacco, etc. You end up with dry, cracked and uncomfortable lips, even if you apply layers and coats of lip balm. Like the skin, they deserve special attention with carefully crafted formulas.

Cicavit + Lèvres is your new daily ally to take care of your lips. It deposits an insulating protective film against all types of external aggressions. Concentrated in repairing active and formulated with 99% of ingredients of natural origin , Cicavit + Lips hydrates and promotes the repair of the skin barrier. The lips are repaired, nourished and comfortable.

Its balm texture is easy to apply, transparent and non-sticky.


Apply to the lips as often as needed. Do not apply on oozing lips.

Size: 10g