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SVR Cicavit+ Creme

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Cicavit+ Creme

Cicavit+ Cream is a treatment that accelerates skin repair and intensely soothes damaged and irritated skin of the whole family

For all damaged and irritated skin:

Dryness, redness, chapping, abrasions, redness of the seat, chickenpox marks, tattoos, dermatological post-acts (peeling, laser), overheating, sunburn, waxing, shaving.

From birth, child, adult. Face, body, folds and external mucous membranes.

Cicavit + Cream accelerates skin repair  X7 and intensely soothes damaged and irritated skin of the whole family.

Its +: an anti-itching and anti-irritation action reinforced for a scarring without mark and without redness. Its melting texture brings comfort and immediate protection.

Damaged skin goes through 3 essential stages for a good recovery: the inflammatory phase (1 to 3 days), the repair phase (1 to 3 weeks) then the remodeling phase (3 to 24 months). The heart of Cicavit + formula promotes each of these steps in order to find healthy skin as naturally as possible.

Tested under dermatological, pediatric and gynecological control. Hypoallergenic.

Application: Irritated, damaged, weakened skin? Daily, the skin of the whole family undergoes aggressions causing irritation and discomfort, affecting both the body and the fragile areas of the face or the external mucous membranes:

  • Dryness, redness
  • Cracks, abrasions
  • Redness of the seat
  • Chickenpox marks
  • Tattooing, dermatological post-acts (peeling, laser)
  • Overheating, sunburn
  • Hair removal, shaving

To be applied to the affected clean and dry areas twice a day, until complete repair. External use


Size: 40ml / 100ml