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SVR Clairial Cible

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SVR Clairial Cible

For all sensitive skins. Localized dark pigmented spots. Face, neckline, hands. Clairial Target is a super-concentrated powder that can be used on dark pigment spots. The powder texture allows a very high concentration of depigmenting assets (17%) to be integrated to deliver immediate and lasting efficiency on the most visible spots. Day after day, the spots fade for a unified skin.


    • Place a dose of Clairial target on the finger or in the palm of your hand using the pipette
    • Apply to localized spots by massing. Immediately, the powder transforms to release the assets in a targeted way!
    • Repeat the gestures on all the stains (face, hands, neckline...)

    Active Ingredients:

    • Ferulate derivative
    • Marine microorganism
    • Keratolytic complex


    Size: 4g