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SVR Clairial Night Peel (Exfoliating Night Cream)

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Hydraliane Legere (Oily / Combination Skin Moisturiser)

Exfoliating Night Cream for all sensitive skin types and dark spots linked to skin aging, an irregular complexion, blemish marks and the sun. Face. Adults.

Clairial Night Peel pigmentation & dark spot overnight peel treatment leaves skin clearer and more luminous and reduces the appearance of dark spots. As the years pass, dark spots appear and settle in. We all want to rediscover our doll-like complexion, so we demand action!

Featured benefits:

– Acts on dark spots but at home.
– We combined the core formula of our star product, Clairial Serum, with a Papaya enzyme which, thanks to its keratolytic action on the skin surface fades dark spots.
– From the first night, skin is clearer and more luminous.
– Night after night, dark spots are less visible, skin is more even and radiant.


Apply Clairial Night Peel with a brush in a thin layer for regular night-time skincare.
PLEASE NOTE: In the event of discomfort (tingling, overheating, etc.) adapt the product to your skin by spacing out applications. Avoid the eye contour. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly. Avoid sun exposure. In the case of sun exposure, protect your skin with a very high protection sunscreen.


Size: 50ml