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SVR Densitium Bi-Serum

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Densitium Bi-Serum

Densitium Bi-Serum: 2 formulas for a record concentration of anti-aging dermatological active ingredients. Fight against the 3 major problems of mature skin: sagging skin, wrinkles and advanced dryness.

The life of the epidermis is intense. Every day, the skin must produce energy, renew its cells and fight against external aggressions. Over time, she runs out of steam and her activity slows down. The structure of the skin is out of balance.  

The hormonal changes of the fifties accentuate its weakening. Dryness, sagging skin, hollowing out features, weakening of the oval are accentuated.

Water, 70% of the dermis, and lipids, 20% of the skin barrier, are two essential elements in the reconstruction of this skin weakened by time.

Densitium Bi-Serum combines two serums in one to mimic the structure of the skin.  


• Bio-calcium restructures and strengthens the epidermis
• Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid fills the skin and restores its water reserves
• An anti-gravity active stimulates the synthesis of collagen for an anti-sagging effect. 

• Its 4 natural oils (annatto, borage, evening primrose and argan) deeply nourish and reduce the depth of wrinkles

Deeply restructured, the skin is intensely reidentified and nourished. It no longer weakens, even under the effect of gravity. 



  • Apply morning and / or evening alone or before your daily treatment.

  • For optimal efficiency, heat the product between the hands and then apply it all over the face and neck, starting from the center outwards. Exert light pinches on the oval of the face. Smooth out the most marked wrinkles.


Size: 30ml